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What is IL Executive Coaching for Soulful Women?

the Intelligent Leadership Code Model focuses on how our inner core beliefs and values influence and shape our outer behaviour. As a female leader, if you have a developed, refined and balanced IL Code this will mean two things for you: (1) your outer-core will be seen by others as powerful, influential and transformative meaning that you will be seen as highly skilled and talented in those competencies; and (2) your skills and competencies will only get stronger to the extent that you believe in, embrace, internalise, embody and role model each of the 7 pillars that comprise the IL Code.

Why soulful women? Because our approach is holistic, meaning it will focus on your heart, mind and soul to bring about your full leadership potential. It is our belief that only when we embrace who we are at soul-level will we be powerful enough to bring the transformation we wish to bring to the workplace and the world. 

Why is Intelligent Leadership Coaching THE executive coaching for female leaders today?

It’s the 21’st century and the gap between male and female leadership globally still leaves much to be desired. But the conundrum is not a simple matter of getting women into leadership but how to get women into leadership and keep them there as well as empowering them to empower others to become leaders themselves. For a true leader is someone who allows others to lead effectively and carry the entire organisation into the future with all its uncertainties. 

All businesses crave superior leadership, yet there remain relatively few truly great leaders. While there have never been so many books, blogs, speakers, and seminars on leadership, companies are having difficulty finding and grooming the next generation of leaders to handle the fiercely competitive atmosphere and lightning fast pace of change that defines our era. 

Female leaders have the power to create transformative cultures within their organisations in ways that are yet to be seen due to 1. current unequal representation, and 2. due to a false presumption that a female leader is strongest when she channels her male energy into her role as a leader.

This is where female leaders go wrong.

A female leader’s greatest strength is her feminine energies. It is the energy that allows flow of creativity, passionate action-driven cultures, compassionate relationships and disruptive innovation that puts businesses and organisations years ahead of its competitors. 

Being a female leader has never been more difficult. Research has shown time and again that when women imitate masculine leadership, hostility increases in the workplace and their mental health suffers for it. 

This is why Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching for Soulful Women was founded.

John Mattone, the founder and creator of IL, has found a solution to this leadership paradox and developed an approach that cuts right to the core of what holds leaders back from greatness. It’s what has made him one of the world’s top executive coaches, and what has drawn Fortune 500 CEOs—from the late Steve Jobs to PepsiCo’s Roger Enrico—to seek his counsel. And fortunately for the business world, Mattone’s secrets are no longer being shared exclusively in boardrooms and executive suites: visionaries like Venus Souls have been trained and certified by Mattone himself and have adapted his successful blueprint process to bring it the world of female leaders worldwide with the added informed understanding of the female psyche.

About Venus Souls

Venus Souls is the only certified coach in the world who incorporates the principles of Intelligent Leadership, Strategic Intervention, Disruptive Innovator theory and mindfulness practices to craft a unique blend that delivers the ultimate coaching package worthy of female business leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Venus is an innovative disruptor who believes that the current modelling of leadership is changing faster than anyone could keep up and it is too late to repackage old existing leadership packages and mindsets in shiny wrappings and clever names. The secret to transformational female leadership lies in soulful leadership: the alignment of the inner core of the leader (their higher purpose) with the mission at the heart of their business. Soulful leadership is the new transformational narrative: it is the purposeful journey guided by the inner awakening of the leader who faithfully and diligently considers their mindset and behaviours and takes conscious decisions to ensure the ongoing prosperity and wellbeing of all involved – the leader, organisation, people (employees, teams, clients, communities), and the planet. The secret to any effective, inspirational and impactful leadership lies in the soul of the leader and their ability to convey and utilise this infinite resource of soulful energy to their teams and organisations. 

Venus helps her clients attain greater authenticity, confidence, wellbeing and an empowered sense of innovation that enables them to navigate effectively and successfully in environments that are increasingly and rapidly becoming volatile and ambiguous, particularly for female leaders worldwide.

Venus has over 15 years of experience working with international business leaders and entrepreneurs, successfully coaching them into the next levels of their executive careers. 

As well as  founding and running Venus Souls Ltd., Venus is a PhD researcher at Birkbeck University focussing on Transpersonal and Jungian psychology. She has an MA from the University of Essex as well as certification from Harvard Business School where she studied Disruptive Innovation Strategy. She believes herself to be a lifelong learner and is always on a journey to better herself and transfer her learning, knowledge and experience on to her clients. 

In her free time, she coaches autistic young adults and is a public speaker on all subjects related to women. One of her proudest moments was delivering a speech in Swedish Parliament reflecting on the state of women’s affairs in the Middle East after the Arab Spring.